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Originally Posted by ED-209 View Post
Amilo, I tried running Silkcut with JIT in "indirect" mode.
This time the demo needed =>70% CPU throttle to run without crash, however it was running quite slowly and lots of gfx glitches happening.
This is a little weird as your PC cpu is only 2x faster than my! (on my PC in Indirect mode it runs fine with 0% CPU throttle)

Maybe you can try with some changes like f.ex. my new config case 4), but for you it will probably work with cpu_throttle=-700.0 i guess!
(OK, I have attached the my new config "case 4" for you to test - check below )(Note: It has already changed the cpu_throttle=-700.0 !!!)

Originally Posted by ED-209 View Post
Also about "Last train to Danzig":
I captured this demo when it was first released without any real problem? It was during 3.2 beta phase. Config was just standard 020+JIT+Z3 fast.
My capture here: [ Show youtube player ]
And I tested it with Quickstart 040+JIT+fast 64MB config! (thats is interesting)

Can you attach your working config for "Last train to Danzig" demo to test!? (I still have the same problem - missing "fog" effect at beginning and endscroll)
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