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Need help with CF HDD problem

Hi all

I have an A600 and a few years ago I fitted a CF HDD 4gb. I have been using it fine and although many games will not run on my 1mb ram it does let me play some whdload games.

Today I turned on my amiga and it booted and the HDD light was on but nothing loaded, no workbench. I tried a few original games and they worked fine. I tried a floppy version of workbench but that didn't load. Any games, or program's that run on workbench won't load either. Like x-copy and downgrader etc. the floppy drive tries to read them for a few seconds and then the HD light comes on and the screen just stays white. I opened the amiga up and checked for loose connections but there all good. I also tried to pull out the CF HDD but it seems to hard to pull out.

Any help on this would be great
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