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Originally posted by Syko
Hey, you forgot the last and greatest(?) of them all, Amiga Active!
Not quite the case that I forgot it - I omitted it on the grounds that it existed at a time when the circulations of Amiga magazines were so much lower than those of earlier mags (in their pomp) that the name would likely not register with many people, and therefore it might not be considered one of the 'best known' magazines.

It was a quality mag, and I enjoyed reading it, but personally I wouldn't say it surpassed Amiga Format or Amiga Power. And it sold out big time, imo, when it abruptly metamorphosed into Digital. The obsequious 10-page endorsement of the Xbox (complete with fawning commentary on soundbites from the head of Xbox games marketing in the UK) in the final issue was particularly far from the magazine's original position of providing refreshingly upbeat Amiga coverage.

Nice while it lasted though.
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