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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
Obviously this is a demo bug (has assumption that "shouldn't happen" because "this routine can never run that fast", bad thread syncronization, lots of possible reasons) if changing emulation speed affects behavior.
Hmm, but could it not be also possible that the problem is not speed as it happens only in JIT Direct mode and not in Indrect mode!? (at least on my PC pentium M @2.13ghz)

In JIT Direct mode it doesn't quit till cpu_throttle -42%! (so this is the border area for JIT Direct mode on my PC with Silkcut demo!)

In JIT Indirect mode it works fine with cpu_throttle 0%!?

So I wonder if it would also work fine on some speedier PC in JIT Indirect mode and 0% cpu_throttling?
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