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Originally Posted by ReadOnlyCat View Post
My goodness, this is ridiculous.

Is such thing as making amends or forgiveness impossible to expect on the EAB and banning is a life sentence from moderators whose judgement is perfect, absolute and everlasting?
If you ask one certain moderator, yes.

Originally Posted by lordofchaos View Post
Blood hell, that was fast! Must have been something fairly major. Bugger.
Yes, a fairly major problem - on the moderator side.

Originally Posted by lordofchaos View Post
I don't think the mods need justify their reasons, just an unfortunate situation.
How about this thread below then, was the ban justified?

I don't know what KevG did, but it can hardly warrant a lifetime ban. When moderators go looking for reasons and are allowed to ban people on a whim because they just dislike them, then it's more than an "unfortunate situation".
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