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Originally Posted by ReadOnlyCat View Post
Absolutely but that is not what I meant.
I meant to keep computing gameplay at its current rate but updating the screen at a higher frequency.

Sprites too would move smoothly.

That is not easy obviously because this might require some form of interpolation to smooth out trajectories but I must say I would be very curious to see the result.
That would be very interesting to see, if it were possible. I know that i have this problem myself, because Alex has been going on about converting Mr Beanbag for PC or mobile platforms, the problem is it is hard-coded to run at 50fps so if it has to run on anything with a different refresh rate either everything will be the wrong speed, or animation and scrolling will be jerky. Scrolling would be easy to fix, i could adjust some parameters and it wouldn't change the game dynamics, but it would not be so easy to do that for anything else. Interpolation is also quite tricky, because there is really no concept of "a bob" as such in the game engine, each moving object adds images to a draw list every frame, so an object can have any number of bobs (including none) so there is not a logical correspondence between the images on one frame and the next. So there is not a nice, general way to do it.
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