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On my pc it works fine (no crashing) on cpu_throttle 0% in JIT-Indirect mode! (see on pic. changes done on config from post #26)

Is it because some difference in speed between JIT-Direct and JIT-Indirect mode, or something else!? (not sure)

Also, in JIT-Direct mode when "No flags" is unchecked it does not crash with cpu_throttle -40% ! (on my pc)

CPU Speed = -50% (JIT/No Flags = checked) ... no crashing
CPU Speed = -40% (JIT/No Flags = unchecked) ... no crashing

EDIT2: @ED-209
As your pc-cpu is almost 2x faster than my pc-cpu (3.8ghz vs 2.13ghz), maybe it would be nice to see if your PC not have problem when cpu_throttle=0% in JIT-Indirect mode (as shown on attached pic. below), perhaps it could prove a new theory!?

I thought if it worked without a hitch on your PC perhaps the problem would not be in speed!?
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