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Hi Spudje,

Thank you, you are absolutely right. I have been working on my project well before the other project was released for the first time. Developing and making a new product is simply not done in just a few weeks or months and, therefore, of a different level compared to making a replica.

Beaten ? No, It is different than the original Amiga replica design and thus brings a different experience to a different audience.


Due to the differences between the project I do not think timing is a big issue. Secondly, at the time the Amiga replica campaign was running on kickstarter and although my project wasn't ready, I didn't want to trash someone else's contribution to the Amiga community. Every Amiga project should be appreciated !!! and jeopardising someone else's is in my opinion absolutely not done.

Kind Regards,


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Maybe a case like this that has been thought through so well was already in the planning way before the other kickstarter was released and unfortunately got beaten by it. I'm definitely getting one of these cases and maybe even 2 if there will somehow be a way to squeeze in the newly announced A1222 Tabor, but that will be a challenge given it is mini ITX, not slim ITX.

Maybe we should convince Trevor to revise the Tabor board to slim ITX
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