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For those interested in this software - I have now experimented with all three skeleton disks

The last one being the Platform skeleton disk - I have created a short video of my WIP at [ Show youtube player ]

The disks available and my corresponding demo games are:

Shoot Em Up - Created Kingdoms of Steam - link to youtube video - [ Show youtube player ]
Adventure - Created Dylan the Spaceman and the Smelly Aliens from Mars - Demo
Platform - WIP demo Super Robin

The best one is by far the Adventure the disk and this can be used to create games very close to the original dizzy adventures

The shoot em up disk is limited due to no in game music and not being able to change the sound effects - unless some one can work out how to convert samples to the format used by reality

The platform disk is quite good - biggest problem is the map is limited to one size and there are constraints on the number of enemies - moving platforms you can place in each level.

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