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Originally Posted by ReadOnlyCat View Post
There is no such thing as not enough time. ^^

We have plenty of time every day, but it is our priorities which decide what we do with it.

When we watch a movie instead of coding, we are choosing to prioritize that movie and to "waste" the corresponding time but that time exists and is fully available for coding/graphing/soundifying/designing/etc..

Some prioritization make sense, such as taking care of one's cubs and partner, but that still leaves ample room for active entertainment (cf above list) rather than passive (movies, reading, etc.). The appeal of "relaxing in front of TV" is strong but once you resist it to do create something of your own you will never regret it.

Write down in an excel spreadsheet how you spend your time in the evening and you will be surprised how much is wasted being passive

Regarding energy, it comes with practice. Train and you will have more, padawan!
Hmmm, the force is strong with this one.. Then I must unlearn what I have learned.
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