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880 Gamer issue 8 is now out to download

Hello everyone!

I am pleased to inform you that issue 8 of 880 Gamer is now ready for downloading! Hope you all enjoy this issue.

You can get it here :

I would also like to take this opportunity to wish you all a merry Christmas, and a safe and wonderful new year full of joy and good luck! let me know if you get any exciting Amiga related gifts over the festive period! =)

Anyway, enjoy this latest issue and my small little x-mas gift to you all out there in Amiga land!


P.S. Anyone trying the cover disk may notice a slight issue with it. It will not run on WB1.3, only WB2.04 and up, but even then it comes up with a recoverable alert. This is just a simple issue with the boot-block I used, but in the interest of just getting this out there I have not fixed it up yet. If anyone is wanting a fixed version let me know and I will upload a revised addition when I get a chance (bit busy with x-mas at the moment).
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