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Originally Posted by idrougge View Post
It looks astounding, but I must still check it on real HW to see if it is not an AMOS glitchfest. Is the code available, bychance?
I saw that proof on concept on YouTube about one year ago as well as the thread Kev(in?)G on EAB where he mentions working on it and the graphics look indeed faithful despite the low color count of dual playfield mode.

However, all available colors are obviously taken by the background and foreground and the reason why Sonic uses different colors is because it uses sprites. The number of enemies which can be drawn with the remaining sprites cannot be too high even with multiplexing so it remains to be seen if Sonic really is faithfully doable with dual playfield or if either the parallax scrolling needs to be sacrificed on the altar of color count or if it can be done with sprites or another trick.

By the way, KevG seems to have been banned, did he bite anyone? Sometimes when reading old threads it feels like half of EAB has been banned.
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