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030 accelerators do not need drivers. 040 and 060 accelerators do.

040 boards require a "68040.library" file - this is usually shipped with the board, and it may even be on the original WB3.x disks. If the board was made by a decent company, it'll use the official Commodore library.

060 boards were never envisioned by Commodore - the 060 was developed after both the 4000 and 1200 were released. To get around this problem, hardware manufacturers use a dummy 040 library that simply redirects any calls to 040 functions to the original library, and any 060 calls to another library - "68060.library". These are all board-specific, and libraries for one board don't usually work with other accelerators.

If you get an 060 board, you'll also probably need CyberPatcher (Blizzard-only, supplied with the board) or OxyPatcher (commercial). These programs emulate FPU functions not supported in the 060. The 060 does have hardware emulation of those functions, but it is staggeringly slow - programs can hang for hours at a time if they use many unsupported FPU functions.

OxyPatcher and CyberPatcher are simply installed in WBStartup, and sort out the problem.

You'll notice problems with 040/060 boards on all Amiga Technologies 1200s. They all have revision 2B of the motherboard, which I've found to be the worst version. The last version of the Commodore 1200 (revision 1d.4) also has problems, but the fix is slightly different. I've found the problem to be less severe on this version (a crash every two minutes, instead of every few seconds), but reports vary.

Versions without any known problems are 1A and 1B. Apparently the 1B motherboard is the most common British version.

You can check the revision of your motherboard by opening the case, lifting up the keyboard, and looking underneath the metal shielding next to the accelerator expansion slot. It'll say something along the lines of "Channel Z A1200 Revision xx". (The "Channel Z" is a reference to the B-52's song.)

As for floppy drives, Amiga Technologies couldn't get any of the original Amiga floppies, so they bought a job lot of PC high-density drives and modified them to work with the Amiga. This has pros and cons - you can get a patch from the Aminet that enables the drive's high-density mode (for Amiga disks only, not MS-DOS formatted disks), which is a bonus, but the drives are missing a vital disk signal ("DISKWAIT") that means they don't work with the majority of non-DOS disks. Primarily, that means an awful lot of Amiga games won't work from floppy.

I once tried fitting an A600 drive to an Amiga Tech motherboard, and it refused to work - it span constantly. That may have simply been my own incompetence, or Amiga Tech may have modded the motherboard itself to work with PC drives.

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