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Things are looking on the bright side Went to PC World today (only place open on a Sunday) to get a new floppy drive. The Panasonic 257 on their website was not in stock, they only had "Alps".

Decided not to bother, so bought a head cleaning kit instead. Then got in the car, and decided **** it, it's only a tenner for a drive and I might be able to get it working so got one too. The best thing is, the head cleaner sorted my problems

I now have two WHDLoad installs that work (on my base A1200), Super Hang-On and Defender of the Crown. Trouble with both is that when the game is running and HD is being accessed the screen goes black and the sound breaks up.

This is not really an issue with SHO, but with something like DOTC it ruins the presentation. Is this just from not having enough RAM or are all WHDLoad installs like that? Not quite the gaming nirvana I was hoping for....
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