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Originally Posted by idrougge View Post
All right, if you accept the frame-rate problems, you may indeed get a port, just like Blaze proved.
People have been writing this also on the Blaze thread but it needs to be repeated that although the Blaze engine is worthy of praise for redrawing the whole screen in 5 bitplanes in under two frames it does not prove anything more in terms of Sonic feasibility than other well known Amiga platform games did not already prove before.

25 FPS platform games in 5 bitplanes with lots of enemies and action do already exist. The fact that Blaze supports loops and background masking is nice but loops never presented any challenge, they are just a design novelty, not a technical one and masking also exists in many platform games.

Blaze is great for many reasons, but its contribution are the full screen redraw at 25FPS and that it looks and feels like Sonic. The former is totally unnecessary (and undesirable) for Sonic, and the latter has nothing to do with technicity.

Blaze feels (in terms of gameplay) like Sonic but that only proves its author's design skills.

It was never needed to prove that Sonic was feasible on the Amiga in terms of gameplay. This much was always obvious.
The challenge lies in compromising the original graphics and sounds as little as possible when translating it to the Amiga and the only proof that this can be done satisfactorily will be in the final pudding, not in any intermediate version.

And let me repeat that Blaze is very nice, just in case someone thinks I am dissing it..
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