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Toni Wilen
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Beta 4: (Final tomorrow if nothing too bad reported)

- Serial emulation didn't flush transmit buffer, it was possible last few characters remained in buffer. (This was the last remaining bug I wanted to fix, was difficult to duplicate)
- AVIOutput hang if sound emulation was idle. (Sound was autoswitched off)
- Added hidden (no overlays) touch mouse and joystick support. Only enabled when touch panel is detected, Game Ports panel mouse driver is not active and Windows mouse is not selected. Multi-touch supported. Located in bottom half of screen, left side is always mouse, right side is always joystick. First basic implementation. Nothing is configurable. Tested only with Wisky 7.85 Windows tablet. (Most of this was already done weeks ago)
- Sending input event externally (via uae-configuration for example) that goes to inactive Amiga-side port
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