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Just an update on progress.

I wanted this one done before Christmas Day, alas its not looking likely, dont want to rush it and mess it up so, aiming for either end of the year or really early in 2016.

Intro sequence is done, its nothing special, but its more than the ST got

Now hiscore entry works, also the game over/percentage completed screen works as well.

Ive got it running on A500 and A1200. Needless to say, its plenty fast enough on A1200.

Its noticeably slower on A500 68000, ive reduced the redraw routine for the main game and saved 60 less loops of the main realtime conversion routine which runs every frame, so thats helped somewhat.

Game however is still playable.

Memory is tight, not entirely sure i can get SFX into the game and might just have to stick with music instead.

Need and want to add more to the intro for the simple reason that Hoffman did a stellar intro tune and it easily outlasts the intro sequence.

Thanks also to Mark R Jones for permission to use his Starquake logo, its been utilised in a nice way i think.

Not far off completion now, in the final home stretch
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