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Originally Posted by dlfrsilver View Post
obviously, before displaying anything, you must have an IFF screen with either the level blocks, and another one with the sprites, right ?
IFF is a file format, in memory the graphics are bitmaps.

what i meant is that BEFORE displaying anything, you could apply a copper palette change routine over those pages, like this :

do copper palette change from line 0 to 127, 128 to 256 and so on, and then, ask the amiga to display the whole thing on screen.
The palette doesn't affect anything "before it's displayed". It is only applied at the point of displaying the graphics.

You can't change the palette on half of the tile set, and then copy individual tiles onto the screen with them keeping their different palettes.

Games that use the copper to change the palette have to be carefully designed in order to work. Sonic is not so designed. And if we only have 7 foreground colours to work with, even with palette changes, it leaves us with very few colours for our moving objects, which could appear anywhere on the screen. It's do-able on static background graphics. If a game scrolls only horizontally, or only vertically, it's also do-able with careful thought. When you start getting into multi-directional scrolling maps, then it becomes a real headache because it limits which tiles can be placed where, and you've got to keep track of them. Lionheart manages amazing visuals by having backgrounds which are essentially monochrome, but with a colour filter that changes from top to bottom. That isn't going to be any help for a game like Sonic.
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