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Very basic touch interface done. (just before 3.2.2)

- no overlays...
- left side = always mouse, right side = always joystick.
- multi-touch supported.
- two buttons (both mouse and joystick) under trackpad area.
- Game Ports panel: Windows mouse and/or Virtual mouse driver options disable touch interface. Mouse port can be set to "none", touch interface still works. (at least for now)
- Automatically enabled if GetSystemMetrics(SM_DIGITIZER) reports NID_INTEGRATED_TOUCH or NID_INTEGRATED_PEN.
- Currently uses hardwired config by design to prevent random bugs in other parts of emulation.
- Tested with Wisky 7.85" tablet (Replaced my previous Linx 7)
- No guarantee if this gets improved sooner or later..

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