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Looks like Skick is not correctly relocating the ROM in the memory. Have you got the right relocation tables? (those RTB files).

Also, since your RAM is not autoconfig, this might be the problem. SKick might be loading the ROM in some ram that it's just not available at startup. If this is the problem, then I'm afraid you won't be able to use SKick on your machine.

If it's something else, well, dunno.

Just remembered something els. If you have 2MB Chip and this is always available, skick should work. I ran Skick to softkick my A600 into 3.0 and it worked a treat. The problem here might be that, since you have extra, Fast RAm, skick will load the ROM here. Now you reboot, and the RAM is not there at bootup, so everything goes to hell.

Try booting without the Fast RAM loaded, run skick, and reboot, then activate your extra RAM. Skick will load the rom into Chip RAM (not recommended, but probably your only choice), and work just fine. I suppose
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