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Originally Posted by vulture View Post
No, really, I mean, if Kid Chaos can look good, why not a rendition of Sonic.
Because Kid Chaos was designed for 7 colours, it wasn't designed for 64 colours and then reduced. We all know what Sonic graphics looks like already, if it were reduced to a few muddy shades of brown and green we'd notice the difference, it's a very brightly-coloured game.

Btw, I've counted the colours of some instance at Kid Chaos' 1st level, only the foreground, where there's some kind of water pool and they are 10 in number. How do you think they did that, I mean the extra 3 colours. Thx!
Just a palette change using the copper, i expect. Sonic itself does the same for its water effects.

Originally Posted by Boo Boo View Post
Kid Chaos and Mr Nutz are excellant but if I remember Kid Chaos map is hard to edit using smaller tiles to make up larger tiles also theres no running upside down in aloop but realy love this game.Amazing for 7x8

Blaze seems to have everything but the parallax
Mr Nutz was closer to Sonic in terms of game style than Kid Chaos i think, but wasn't 50fps(?), Blaze is even closer, having loops and all but is also not 50fps, sadly, although it does have some parallax, there is a giant moon in the background and copper seems to be used for horizontal as well as vertical effects.

FYI Sonic also used tiles within tiles, at the top level each map is made of 256x256 tiles, which are each submaps of 16x16 tiles, and those 16x16 tiles were in turn made out of 8x8 tiles!

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