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No, really, I mean, if Kid Chaos can look good, why not a rendition of Sonic. I might give it a try at some point and post a mock up of the foreground and a couple of baddies with 7 colours - I might reconsider my shade choices though. Btw, I've counted the colours of some instance at Kid Chaos' 1st level, only the foreground, where there's some kind of water pool and they are 10 in number. How do you think they did that, I mean the extra 3 colours. Thx!

Originally Posted by Mrs Beanbag View Post
What are you planning here, the ZX Spectrum version? Why not give it a go, see what you can come up with.

There is also the route of using the blitter to render parallax effects, that i have been thinking about lately. "Flimbo's Quest" manages some very colourful parallax graphics. But there is only so much you can blit in a frame at 50fps, so it will have to be limited in terms of size and/or number of bitplanes but i think it is possible to do something nice.

Yes, that is correct. Most frames of animation are 48 pixels wide i believe, so in 15 colours that will use up 6 out of the 7 sprites available (we lose the 8th sprite's DMA channel because of the scrolling).

i think it is more than just coders who care about whether the Amiga can do things its rivals could, and Sonic is an especially sore point, just as Doom was when PCs started to enter the gaming scene. Everyone wanted an Amiga game that could "beat" sonic, but we only got poor cousins, and "beating" it didn't just mean being more fun to play, it meant looking impressive as well. People are still so sore from those old playground arguments that they still want to prove that the Amiga can do Sonic to this day; that is, prove it on a technical level, i'm not even sure anyone would care much about actually playing it.
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