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Originally Posted by Shatterhand View Post
Oh come on. The first Master System game is pretty good too. The other Sonic games on the system aren't that good (with Sonic Chaos being a complete mess), but the first Sonic is really good.
It's very different to the Megadrive version, I cannot consider it a true Sonic game.
The NGPC game is much more true to the Sonic spirit set by the Megadrive versions.

Originally Posted by Mrs Beanbag View Post
i think it is more than just coders who care about whether the Amiga can do things its rivals could, and Sonic is an especially sore point, just as Doom was when PCs started to enter the gaming scene. Everyone wanted an Amiga game that could "beat" sonic, but we only got poor cousins, and "beating" it didn't just mean being more fun to play, it meant looking impressive as well. People are still so sore from those old playground arguments that they still want to prove that the Amiga can do Sonic to this day; that is, prove it on a technical level, i'm not even sure anyone would care much about actually playing it.
Yeah I understand that. I guess that I love the Amiga so much that it pains me to see the community being so stuck in the past and unable to go beyond bullshit like this, that I still refuse to believe it is so. This is why the state of the scene is really how it is.
Amiga used to be synonym of advancement, breakthrough and future. Nowadays it's nothing but rose tinted glassed nostalgia, all its original spirit has been lost among those who claim to hold the torch of Amiga. Almost any other home computer scene nowadays are pushing things forward making the Amiga look like garbage from yesteryear.
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