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Originally Posted by McTrinsic View Post
Sorry, I really have no idea what you want to tell me.

There is someone who has managed to make a new GFX card for Z-II-Amigas and the A500. I applaude this effort since it has turned into a real product. Awesome!

So what are you trying to say? That you could do better? Cheaper?
Nope - my point was that with this kind of effort it is better to do this different as it will provide new functionality with same or better price.

Originally Posted by McTrinsic View Post
Go ahead and come back when you have a real product or a prototype at least.

Or do you want to say that you don't want buy it? Well - then dont buy it.

The demand clearly shows that it meets a certain need in the market.

I just don't get your point.

You buying new car then you are annoyed by some small but very annoying things is this means that you need to be a car manufacturer?
As a user you have particular type of knowledge and sometimes you know it can be done different and better and this doesn't mean that you need to be suddenly all things maker...

My point is: nowadays Vampire example is a good path to follow for all effort in Amiga in new HW creation.

You can buy for same amount of money 68030 or 68060 accelerator so what is your decision?
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