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Originally Posted by Mrs Beanbag View Post
Well... i think a lot of the motivation to having Sonic on the Amiga is much the same as the motivation for making better and better Doom clones... to prove it could be done... so the more accurate the better.
I could understand that between coders, but those who just want to play games? Why do they keep going on and on about technicalities? Seems like everyone is ignoring the version I mentioned which is probably the only cool Sonic game out of the Megadrive, and also -totally- possible with an Amiga (tech wise), actually could be done much better on an Amiga.

Also we could use with less fucking Doom clones, how many are there? Really annoying.

The point of this argument is rather weird nowadays. Can Sonic be technically done on the Amiga? I think the answer is clearly a YES, if you take the right compromises. Like with every other port we got on the Amiga.

Does it make sense to do it nowadays? I guess not, I mean, tech-wise, if you want to get something similar to it, we have already many great examples, including Mr. Beanbag, which show what is possible. But making a 1:1 port would be for me getting a game that works 1:1 in the same way, copying all; game logic and level design exactly, and who would do this and for what reason? Why has it been 20 years and we're still discussing this instead of trying to make new games for the Amiga?
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