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Originally Posted by vulture View Post
So, what is that Sonic 1 engine does that Kid Chaos engine can't do exactly? I'm talking about the normal levels, not the bonus stages now. Obviously, the A500 version would have less colours for objects, but more for the background and, quite possibly, better sound.
Neither of these things are true. OCS dual playfield limits you to 7 colours on the foreground layer and 8 on the background layer, although i believe Kid Chaos only uses 4 on the background layer (plus copper palette changes). The enemy sprites are all bobs, meaning they share the 7 colours of the foreground layer. I had to colour-reduce my sprite conversions to get the tile map and the sprites into the same 15-colour palette, getting them to fit into a 7 colour palette is... well maybe you could do it, but it would probably be better not to and just do without parallax instead.

The speed of the scrolling is not a problem, as mentioned previously.

As for sound, the Amiga has the advantage of being able to play relatively high-fidelity samples, but the Megadrive has more channels so you can have more complex music and sound effects at the same time.
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