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Sorry, I really have no idea what you want to tell me.

There is someone who has managed to make a new GFX card for Z-II-Amigas and the A500. I applaude this effort since it has turned into a real product. Awesome!

So what are you trying to say? That you could do better? Cheaper?

Go ahead and come back when you have a real product or a prototype at least.

Or do you want to say that you don't want buy it? Well - then dont buy it.

The demand clearly shows that it meets a certain need in the market.

I just don't get your point.


Originally Posted by pandy71 View Post
What are you trying to prove by such question - i should shut up?
Vampire is clear proof that for Amiga FPGA seem to be best possible path to implement better/new HW.

You can take one of the old PC ISA graphic cards and implement simple bridge between PC and Zorro - this can be done with few TTL's like 245/646 - rest is software and from my perspective this is biggest limitation - VGA is nothing more than old MC6845 and GD5434 is just hacked 6845... new graphic card shoul have at least DVI output as more and more people have no access to CRT's and rescaled VGA look poor on LCD's.

Don't get me wrong but i really believe that healthy balance between price and capabilities is a good thing - for 200E you can buy NV GTX960 with 2GB GDDR5 RAM... hope you see my point...

Very similar (from Amiga perspective) card can be implemented on at a fraction of cost (memory, PCB, IC) - i can create such card but who will wrote driver for Amiga? You?
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