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Originally Posted by lordofchaos View Post
Cool! Those sprite conversions look very impressive. I can almost see it running in my mind, would need a very cool conversion of the iconic music too, of course.
Originally Posted by Akira View Post
Does it not having parallax bother you THAT much? Really? Do you actually enjoy playing good games or do you just play them to see how technically prodigious they are?
Well... i think a lot of the motivation to having Sonic on the Amiga is much the same as the motivation for making better and better Doom clones... to prove it could be done... so the more accurate the better.

But i did already mention the Master System version, which is certainly not beyond the A500. Or perhaps something half way between.

Parallax is nice though, it adds a level of depth and makes the world feel that little bit more immersive and real, rather than just a drawing.

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