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Superfrog is an awful game riddled with gameplay problems, the physics and controls are laughable. It's just a pretty smooth scroller, if anything at all.

Why do people pay so much attention to the parallax scroll? I really don't get why the technicalities are always the focus of people when they discus the possibility of a game like this. There's a VERY SOLID GAME DESIGN behind all the flashy bits and that can be replicated anywhere. And that game design is the key element in Sonic.

Look at Sonic Adventure Pocket on the Neo Geo Pocket and realize how nice a Sonic game can be WITHOUT most of the flash of the Megadrive version. An Amiga 500 could surely handle that I am sure, from a technical point of view. But who can design such fantastic levels and ambience? Only the Sonic Team.

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Does it not having parallax bother you THAT much? Really? Do you actually enjoy playing good games or do you just play them to see how technically prodigious they are?
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