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To change sprites (bobs):

1. Place "Bobs.ilbm" & "Bobs.shadows.iblm" in pics drawer.
2. Doubleclick "bobconv" icon and click "OK".
3. It shows "Bobs.ilbm". Press "s" key.
4. It shows "Bobs.shadows.iblm" . Press Shift+s keys.
5. Created "Bobs.IMG" automatically. Program would read Bobs.IMG only.

Bobs.ilbm must be 8 colors format.
And, this 8 colors are the quite same as #0~7 of graphics.ilbm(tiles).

How to make Bobs.shadows.ilbm:
1. Open Bobs.ilbm on PPaint.
2. Save a palette. (eg. bobs.col)
3. Change #2~7 to #1 (white grey).
4. Save as Bobs.shadows.ilbm
5. Load bobs.col
6. Remap
7. Save again.

Feel free to ask more if you're interested.
I'll answer as possible as I can.

Updated v1.2

Edited a map slightly.
Daze Before Christmas Upper Area 2-3: To avoid "infinite death loop".
Xmas Lemmings Area 3-3: To avoid "infinite death loop".
Daze Before Christmas Lower Area & Special Delivery Area: Very minor stuff.

In addition,
PNG version of the whole map is also available now at the game's webpage.

Don't worry. It was a minor change, so we can also use a longplay video
which hipoonios uploaded on Dec 13.

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