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Originally Posted by Mrs Beanbag View Post
i did actually make a Green Hill Zone using the Mr Beanbag engine, it might be worth pursuing, it's funny to look at if nothing else. I converted the sprites as well, hmm, i wonder if i've got them on my PC i'll just have a look...

EDIT yes i found them
Cool! Those sprite conversions look very impressive. I can almost see it running in my mind, would need a very cool conversion of the iconic music too, of course.

Originally Posted by ReadOnlyCat View Post
You really underestimate how capable the MD hardware is compared to the OCS chipset. No matter the talent pool, when a level requires more than 32 colours per scanline on screen with dual playfield parallax and massive number of moving objects, then the OCS Amiga just cannot do it.
Yeah I`m with you, knowing what I know now and having let go of my inner fanboy.. being realistic with the hardware, could get a decent conversion at best, but a 1:1 copy.. I must have been out of my mind

I blame those damn coders that made Elf Mania, clearly a superior alien race, sent to earth on a mission to push the Amiga past it's limits.
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