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Originally Posted by AMIGASYSTEM View Post
CDTV-CR 4510.10.bin
CSG 4510 is a microcontroller chip, was used in CDTV-CR and C65. (neither was released..). Bin file is ROM image for 4510. 4510 has 65CE02 CPU, 2x6526 CIA chips and UART.

Current emulation of CDTV-CR only simulates 4510, CDTV-CR has shared memory (68000 reads/writes RAM that is shared with 4510) that 68000 uses to control all CDTV-CR hardware.

Emulation only checks 68000 reads and writes and responds correctly. Real hardware (and proper emulation) would have 65CE02 CPU (real or emulated) that executes ROM code that responds to 68000 requests.

Following CDTV-CR hardware features are controlled by 4510:
- Front panel display
- Front panel buttons
- CD hardware (lots of IO pins used for this), most of the CD hardware control code is inside 4510, KS ROM driver is quite simple.
- Debugging serial port (there is debugger/diagnostics in 4510 ROM)
- Amiga joystick/mouse/keyboard is at least partially connected to 4510
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