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Originally Posted by hansel75 View Post
I don't think so, while it probably still works on a SMS, i am quite sure it was sold as a commodore/atari etc style joystick.

I just looked at mine and it says on the bottom of it that it was made in Brisbane Australia, so maybe it was only sold here to.

The joystick also has a switch to change to different button configs but i never found it useful on my C64 or Amiga, that is why i modded the yellow button to act as up instead.

It also has a 4way and an 8way movement switch on the bottom as well, but i just use it in 8way mode all the time as most games need diagonal movements.

The precision and movement of the stick is also really good, i went through countless joysticks when i was young like quickshots etc, but this Star Cursor i got in the end has outlasted them all and still works like new.

Review here-

And pic i found-
Good find on the ad....the last computer related thing "made" in Australia?
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