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YES!! It's my fav game.
Visit the game page for details.
Or you felt that it was "rip-off"?(Don't afraid.) My thought is following.
It has totally different solution from original game.
Totally remade in 16 colors to fit in with Jet Set Billy series.
So these 7 areas fit into legal "an homage".
Of course every person's thought is different.
It matters whether this homage regarded as tracing.
At least,those unofficial homage should not be released as commercial.

If you want to see my original taste/idea,
play following scene in my games.

Elves' Dreamland: the 8th area, called "Nitta's Original Blessed Area"

Did IT Come From the Desert?: Especially EP3&5, it contains many my original scenes.

Ultimate Maze: The WHOLE game (Its difficulty isn't for general,though...)
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