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Originally posted by Unknown_K
MTV went to rap and most people my age tuned into VH1 instead. If you remember hair bands ruled in the 80's untill early 91 when nirvana followed by the other grunge bands took over (smells like teen spirit caused a music revolution on that channel). It took quite a while for gansta rap to take over the grunge music on MTV and hair bands was burried way before rap took over. MTV had turned into the boy band + teen girls channel in the last few years. Its always changing.
Actually, except for the fact that I intentionally left out the boyband era (because it's always there in one form or another), that's what I said, only paraphrased. MTV had been "integrating" R&B ever since they were accused of "racism" for only playing Michael Jackson and Prince in the early days. Of course those critics also failed to mention Bob Marley, Eddy Grant, Fine Young Cannibals, and plenty of other artists of color. The fact was that MTV was a rock station and when blacks played rock, MTV played them. The race card was inevitable, as was their politically correct response. Then they hire a focus group to convince the public that the change in direction was dictated by the viewers and not politicians and lobbyists. I know how it all works at Viacom.

Now, it seems they are just gangsta rap, R&B, bad pop - all in the tiny little section they have left for music, since they seem to prefer buffoonery and back-to-back celebrations of how low American youth can sink into the bowels of "15 Minutes of Fame".

Regardless of any of this history lesson, MTV still dictates the way its viewers think.

The modern video game industry seems to know a thing or two about plagarism (after all, their choice of game genres is hardly what I would call "diverse") and what better model than the music industry, which is so rich from its one-dimensional groin-squeeze on the lowest common denominator. Reminds me of the scene in Pink Floyd The Wall where the youth are all falling into the meatgrinder like the lemmings they have become. If only modern youth had enough independence to "bring down the wall" rather than celebrate its mediocrity...
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