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Originally posted by Parsec
Cheers Steve.
Glad to help.
Originally posted by Parsec
Interesting to see you're in St.Helens, I live in Wigan!
Ah, the land of the pies.
Originally posted by Parsec
What is your thoughts on RAM expansion? I don't think I really need an accelerator, but looking on PowerC they want 39.95UKP for the A1208 which takes one 4/8 Mb SIMM. Battery backed-up clock sounds good though...
I'd definitely go for an accelerator board with Fast RAM rather than just Fast RAM. I used to have the Blizzard 030 with 16MB and can tell you that it is a superb board. I never had any problems with it. I'd like to try something faster though so I'm currently saving up for a Blizzard 1260. Nice and fast.
Originally posted by Parsec
Always wondered - do accelerator boards need drivers to get them going or does the machine recognise that there is a CPU/FPU upgrade present?
The Amiga automatically takes advantage. No drivers are needed in the same way PC hardware requires drivers. That is true plug and play!

Does the 060 have problems with the Commodore A1200's or the Escom (Amiga Technologies) A1200's? I have a C= Amiga but I'm not sure what the revision number is. This is the first time I've heard about these 060 problems.
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