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I'd recommend getting an 030 accelerator board. If you do, make sure that you don't get an overclocked CPU - I've had two and they just burn out. Go for a 50MHz chip (it's difficult to clock lower-rated CPUs this high, so they're generally genuine 50MHz chips) or a 28MHz chip (the slowest 030 you can find). 40MHz boards tend to be overclocked.

If you're willing to pay around £70, you can often find Blizzard 1230-IV boards on eBay - these are the best 030 accelerators ever made for the Amiga. The mark III boards are quite good too, but I think that the mark II boards conflict with the PCMCIA socket.

Don't get an 040 or 060 accelerator - due to bugs in the Amiga Technologies motherboard (revision 2b), they crash every few minutes (if you can get the computer to boot at all). You can get the bugs repaired (£30 from Eyetech) or you can attempt to do it yourself (instructions are on the Aminet) but I wouldn't recommend it unless you're a hardware guru.
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