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Originally posted by Steve
I have a similar unexpanded A1200 setup. Unfortunately most WHDLoad games require Fast RAM so you're only going to be able to play a handful of WHDLoad games. Try Hunter and Castle Master. They both work fine on an unexpanded A1200. If a WHDLoad game crashes while loading, it usually means it can't find enough RAM.
Cheers Steve. I think you've saved me a lot of hassle with this one (I was about to trawl through all my disks installing them to see what works).

Interesting to see you're in St.Helens, I live in Wigan!

What is your thoughts on RAM expansion? I don't think I really need an accelerator, but looking on PowerC they want 39.95UKP for the A1208 which takes one 4/8 Mb SIMM. Battery backed-up clock sounds good though...
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