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Slightly offtopic rant.

First of all, congrats to Rick for such a ginormous effort: 13 years of EAB and counting. Compared to that I'm just a baby here
There is some precious technical knowledge here that beats every other forum.

Now, people are more and more aware of the nuisance of ad-supported sites, apps and so on. More and more are using ad-blocking extensions.

As far as I am concerned, I am not intersted in *any* kind of advertsement (the same way I used to skip them on TV), so I prefer a subscription/donation model coupled with stuff like gadgets or custom Amazon links (they give back something to the website).
Heck, you can pull all the money you want from people, just push the right "button".

There is already an ongoing crusade against adblockers and reports quantifying lost revenues are popping up. IMHO, these reports are questionable, to say the least, but the path is clear: this business model needs to be replaced or improved because people are fed up of flashing banners and scam sites.

Happy Holydays
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