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Originally Posted by phx View Post
Most of these ARM boards are cheap, but far from exciting. It's just a combination of the cheapest chips available. Also the design of the RPi is bad (I have a dozen of them). The network and USB ports cannot even trigger interrupts, but have to be polled, wasting 20% of the possible performance!

The development of the last years, which gave ARM an unhealthy market share in the embedded market, is certainly not good. Again, there have been much better CPUs, but in the future we will be left without any choice, as in the desktop market, which is dominated by x86.
I feel the same about the new ARM based Arduino/Genuino stuff, it went from "one instruction per clock cycle" and interrupt driven AVR 8-Bit microcontroller awesomeness to ARM 32-Bit software bloated fluff with I/O problems.

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