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Originally Posted by pandy71 View Post
ASRock D1800M - 50E, ASRock QC5000M - 60E, Sapphire Pure White Fusion E350 - 60E and many many more... even adding memory and some other components still we can have better and more open HW (main problem of many ARM based SoC is a closed graphics driver usually also very poor in term of quality).
Yes, but those are huge-ass compared to a Pi/Pine, and they also use a lot more power - not considering more expensive! You have to add RAM, PSU and storage to it ($$$), and obviously you can't expect to put a microSD on such a system and expect it to be enough in terms of r/w speeds And well... an ATX power-supply is massive, and SFX ones are really expensive...

tl;dr You can now see why everyone likes ARM boards
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