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WHDLoad - Stuck!

Have just set up my A1200 with Workbench 3.1, and have installed WHDLoad (using CodyJarret's FAQ)

I've downloaded installs for Pacmania and Starglider 2 and tried to set them up. They install fine, and create a disk image from the floppy without problems.

But when I try to run both games WHDLoad crashes with an exception. Pacmania says "Exception - Illegal Instruction" and Starglider 2 says "Exception - Line 1111 Emulator". For Pacmania I've tried the hacked and original (from TOSEC) copy, and Starglider 2 is an original. Both these games load off floppy.

Pacmania manages to get the loading screen up, then it flickers and crashes. Starglider 2 doesn't even get off the Workbench

This is an Amiga Technologies A1200 with 2Meg Chip RAM...

Any ideas?

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