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Originally posted by Akira
Excuse me, that happened already, without Joe Bloggs getting involved
Dear god, you are bloody hilarious

My stance is NOT against 3D games. There are exceptions. As Drake says, today, they make 3D just for the fucking eyecandy, forget about the gameplay, and end up with shite. MOst 3D games are done BADLY. I haven't seen any other 3D roamabouter as good as Mario 64. The rest are arse.
What about Sonic Adventure 1 & 2? They're pretty impressive 3D roamabouters. And Jet Set/Grind Radio is technically considered a 3D roamabouter as well, in some aspects at least.

And 3D remakes of old 2D games are the worse disease to happen. They always destroy the gameplay for adding a third dimension in the wrong way.
What, you mean ALL remakes? So you never liked Frogger? Or Pacman World? Or Pitfall 3D? Or South Park? (OK that doesn't quite fit but hey it's a 3D makeover of a well-known 2D show ) What did you think of GBC remakes of old games?

And the market flood is what makes me sick of 3D. And teh attitude of the people towards 2D games, even worse. They automatically regard something as crap if the GFX are not 3D. That's what I really hate.
The ignorant 3D-cocksuckers also piss me off as well...
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