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And thank you very much for whole playing...

I also plan to play the original Jet Set Billy game. Do you know how many items i need to collect in that one?

He he..., to tell the truth, this weekend I made a map and challenged it to complete.
First, visit Jet Set Willy Paradise.
Click "Map1" beside a floppy icon of Original Jet Set Billy's column.
(Items are 67 in total.)
If you need more help, click "Map2".
This route is the most efficient, I think.
I could "NO Death Run" on my CD32+FDD yesterday (without save states! of course!)
You will, too.

Or maybe I should play your Henry & Five Towers game? That looks good too..
Beware its nightmare difficulty. I originally create that title
to finish my interest, "Which title is the hardest?".
The game itself is NOT impossible to collect all 220 items.
But we must use save state/ load state again and again and again and...
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