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How to make large hdf (6GB) in WinUAE

Can somebody please explain for dummies how I can make a large hdf ~6GB work in WinUAE for use with Workbench 3.0?

So far I have done the following, I am listing my problems:

- Create hardfile using WinUAE panel without using rdb mode. At first my hdf showed up as 950 MB NDOS drive in Workbench, then I formatted it using WB, and it worked but only had 950 MB instead of 6 GB.

- Do the above and change surfaces from 1 to 8. Usable size increased to 3 GB.

- I was unable to increase the usable size further.

- I created a 6GB hdf using RDB mode, but it doesn't show up in Workbench at all, not even NDOS so I don't know how to format it.

- I tried "use manual geometry" but no number would make my hdf show up as NDOS drive to allow me to format it

- Furthermore, when I use RDB mode, the device in WinUAE preferences list is always "UAE" even though I set it to DH1.

If somebody has gotten this to work, please help

Also: Once I enable RDB I cannot "unenable it". And what is that star in the table on the very left?!?!

OK I tried again without RDB Mode, and after formatting it suddenly shows the expected 6 GB!!! No clue what I did different, but now it works. Strange, but I am happy

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