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I saw your video just now.
You missed 3 secret rooms.
Plum duff area: Check 10:15 & 12:12 (2 rooms)
Nitta's Blessed area: Check 30:35 (1 room)

In addition,
you didn't enter the latter half of Nitta's area.
Jump at 32:32 .
(You can see my promotion video uploaded on Dec 4.)

There are no problems in other areas.
You would be able to collect ALL 200 items !!

If you don't want to waste your time,
you can see the map via map editor.
Press F2 at the menu screen,then press Return.
up: 8 key
down: 2 key
left: 4 key
right: 6 key
return to the menu: Esc(2 times)

PS. There's nothing beyond that place in Lemmings area.
As you know, original Lemmings game has such "no points" places sometimes.
I like those maps, so I inspired them.

Originally Posted by hipoonios View Post
I played the game with standard A1200 settings/AGA 2 MB of RAM. So the sprites sometime flash and stuff. Not sure if it works better with A500/A600 configuration. The JoyKey program crash on both Kick 1.3 and 2.x. I guess Kick 3.0, no AGA and 68000 CPU is the best configuration.
Ps. Check 20:18 in the video. Snowman in the air? Bug or does this happen because I played the game using this configuration?
Thank you for telling me.
Joy2key2 also crashes on kick 2.x system? I didn't know that.
I should edit my readme file. (Sorry, A600 & A2000-3000 users !)

>sprites flash
This is IT I wanted to fix... Original Jet Set Billy game has the same problem.
Original coder said that it was "Single buffer".
It is something to do with those flashes, I guess...
(Sorry, I cannot fix this matter right now. Maybe I must learn SAS/c.)

>Snowman in the air?
That is not a bug. See [ Show youtube player ] of original ZX spectrum version.
Each snowman walks in the air.

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