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That was easy. I should figure out that by myself But I still having trouble getting all the gifts.

I got 174 gifts. Now I'm sure there are at least on more hidden section where I have not been. There is a place in the Lemmings area i can't reach. Can it be there?

Not only that. I played the game with standard A1200 settings/AGA 2 MB of RAM. So the sprites sometime flash and stuff. Not sure if it works better with A500/A600 configuration. The JoyKey program crash on both Kick 1.3 and 2.x. I guess Kick 3.0, no AGA and 68000 CPU is the best configuration.

Anyway, if you can tell me where the last section is and how to get there then i will make a new video playing with correct settings

I have uploaded a video of my progress to YouTube: xxx

Ps. Check 20:18 in the video. Snowman in the air? Bug or does this happen because I played the game using this configuration?

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