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Originally posted by Twistin'Ghost
Exactly! T'aint nothing but a corporate business deal these days. And yes, if one is to create a modern game, it could never be done from the bedroom. But why on earth would we want to hang on to the modern game model? It's a dog chasing its tail. Like with music, the industry dictates the public's tastes and if it only feeds one type of food to the hungry lions, then the lions will develop a taste for just that.

To once again parallel this all with music (since the entertainment industry absolutely borrows from each faction), are we supposed to believe that the kids all decide to start listening to the same type of grunge music all in perfect sync with each other. Or this modern rock style (which the industry has yet to even give a catchy name) - are we supposed to believe that music fans all at once decide that this is the music they want to hear? Coincidently at the exact same time that all the major labels have signed a bottomless pit of artists that make the exact same type of music? Sorry, I don't believe in fairy tales.

MTV has a lot of control here. They buried grunge and hair bands rock by dropping all videos of this type and replacing them with gangsta rap. So what happened? All at once, the world goes crazy for gangsta rap. This came right after a big corporate change at that network. They knew they dictated the public's taste by hand-picking what they offer to those viewers. And it has been the case for most of MTV's lifespan. So naturally the games industry played the same card with astonishing success. And both genres have been ruined and stripped completely of the human element. I know it all sounds a bit Orwellian, but it's pretty obvious to even the most cynical objector.

The upside is that the good stuff that sneaks in for the minority gamer (or music fan) doesn't suffer from over-exposure and over-hype. Music survives better since you don't need to upgrade your CD player every six months and it won't play CD's sluggishly or require an old CD player to listen to The Ramones.

And I will wrap this up with a quote from Robert Frost:

"No tears for the writer, no tears for the reader."
MTV went to rap and most people my age tuned into VH1 instead. If you remember hair bands ruled in the 80's untill early 91 when nirvana followed by the other grunge bands took over (smells like teen spirit caused a music revolution on that channel). It took quite a while for gansta rap to take over the grunge music on MTV and hair bands was burried way before rap took over. MTV had turned into the boy band + teen girls channel in the last few years. Its always changing.
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