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Originally Posted by Leffmann View Post
Video recording in WinUAE is generally not very reliable. Sometimes you get an output file, sometimes you don't, sometimes the audio turns off when you start recording etc.

The best bet is really to use an external software with hardware-accelerated encoding.
It is not best bet if you want 100% video/sound sync (no latency at all). It is only possible when using internal recording.

Also sound on/off is option in output panel. 95% of "reliability" problems are due to bad codec, codec that is not designed for real time recording, codec unsupported sound (number of channels, frequency) or video format (some have width not divisible by 8 or 16 pixels limit). There is no way for application to know codec limits, only way is to just try encoding and see if it fails.. (quite stupid..)

External recording -> off topic.

EDIT: Yes, if you don't care about sound sync, possible sound glitches, lost frames (or sound is irrelevant), use of external recording software is usually the best way.

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