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Originally Posted by ancalimon View Post
The only version I did not try ia the 68000 version. I am using the 030 versions. (the second one. Forgot its name) it's working with OS4.1 but slowly.
Works well in OS4.0 and OS4.1 final for me. Using the 020 version as that is what the emulator claims it emulates. I think the 030 version of the driver also has some special handling for the 030 data cache problems which would not be beneficial in emulation.

When using ttcp to test transmit/receive speed to/from a linux machine on the same network, I get the following results which I would not call slow by amiga networking standards:

AmigaOS3.9 (for reference):
transmit: 1545.73kByte/sec
receive: 1993.80kByte/sec

transmit: 1737.14kByte/sec
receive: 2037.93kByte/sec

transmit: 1691.76kByte/sec
receive: 1980.36kByte/sec
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